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Hi there. I am a home educating mum from the UK. I have three girls aged 5, 7 and 12. My middle child has special needs and has speech and language difficulties as well as other problems. It took her five years to speak, and now its the most beautiful sound in the world. I have home educated my eldest since she was 5 and now continue to do so along side her sisters. I am known to our LEA and have a postive relation with our LEA who have supported us through the last few years up and downs. Come and join us  and follow us through the tears and  the laughter as we continue our journey.

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A GALS ( Giant African Land Snail ) is a snail that originates from Africa. They can live up to ten years. In some countries it is illegal to keep them as pets, as they can cause damage to crops and cause chaos on the roads. In the USA you can be given a large [...]

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Yesterday we discovered our first frog, Rupert as he has been named by the girls has been keeping them entertained with his jumping onto the roof of the tank and also onto the filter. We have another two almost frogs who just need to lose their tails. The rest are still tadpoles. Here are some [...]

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Moon Dough

May. 16, 2013 No Comments

We recently discovered this in our local Poundland shop and think it is awesome. These are the two packs we brought N and S had great fun playing with the moon dough. N said it feels so soft and I love the way it smells. S said she likes that it feels soft and it [...]

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Ever since the girls were little I have done monkey platters. I first discovered monkey platters when my eldest daughter was a toddler and she was ill. She was refusing to eat and I was running out of ideas of what other foods to try. I googled and came across monkey platters and made one [...]

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This year we have again got some frogspawn and have been raising them in a tank at home to observe and watch. We got ours from a friends pond when they were still tiny eggs. Over the weeks they have developed and hatched. You can watch the most recent video by heading over to our [...]

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