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A GALS ( Giant African Land Snail ) is a snail that originates from Africa. They can live up to ten years.

In some countries it is illegal to keep them as pets, as they can cause damage to crops and cause chaos on the roads. In the USA you can be given a large fine if you are caught with GALS. In the UK it’s not illegal.

GALS are hermaphrodites, meaning both male and female reproductive organs and are able to fertilise each other, this can result in up to 300+ eggs being laid by each snail.
They like to burrow to lay their eggs.

When we had GALS before they laid hundreds and hundreds of eggs, and we ended up with tons ( we use to sell them to the pet shops )
We use to move them once hatched into their own small tank till they got bigger.
Feeding your snails, they like lettuce leaves, cucumber, spinach, cabbage. Melon, apples, bananas, dandelions, grapes and cress. You can buy snail food substitute off Ebay quite cheaply, although we have never used them.

You can buy a heat mat for your snails tank, although we have never had to. They can be brought on Ebay for under a tenner. Ideal for those harsh cold winters.

What you will need. A tank, heat mat if you want one, plastic plant pot ( for small hidey hole ) tanks decorations ( plastic plants you use in fish tanks are ideal ) small spray bottle, water dish, thermometer, snails and of course food.

Here are some pics of our GALS

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